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Friday, July 2, 2010

Our Good Shepherd Visitors Share Their Stories!

Lisa's Story
Hi my name is Lisa, I am from Good Shepherd. I have been to Flint Hill Farms twice. The first time I was there, I met Alfie the pig. I got to pet him and he even nibbled my fingers. The second time I visited I played with Mayor the cat while I helped weed the Memorial flower garden. It was hard work. I did not like the thistle. It was hard to pull from the ground and it was covered in pickers, they hurt! The next time I visit the farm I would like to clean the eggs and meet more animals. I love all animals and I really like your farm!

Annie's Story
My name is Annie Dougal and I have been going to Flint Hill Farms for about a month now and it is very interesting and fun to work on the farm. I have held annimals I have never heald before and washed eggs. The owner and volunteers of the farm are very nice and helpful. They have no problem answering any questions we have. They are very friendly. The owner is also looking into modifying the farm to make it wheelchair accessible. They also have cats and dogs. The owner also lives on the farm grounds.

Frank's Story
My name is Frank and I live at Good Shepherd Home Bethlehem. I have been going to the farm once a week with a group from Good Shepherd. The first week we held baby goats and baby chickens. I enjoyed holding the animals and it made me feel proud to be able to hold them. Last week I helped pull weeds in the flower garden and then we fed them to the goats. I like going every week and learning things about the animals and farm. I like the staff very much. I am excited to plant stuff in the greenhouse.

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